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Sunday, February 28, 2016

File Archivers in 4MLinux

This post describes the features, which are available in 4MLinux 16.0 and later.

1) There are two general-purpose file archivers available out of the box: Xarchiver and Archive Manager (aka File Roller).

2) Xarchiver is the default file archiver in 4MLinux. You can easily change these settings:

3) Additional file archivers (PeaZip and 7zFM) are available as so called downloadable extensions:

- 7zFM can be installed in the exact same way as PeaZip (you will find 7zFM here: Menu->Extensions->Wine).  
- 4MLinux uses Wine to run 7zFM for Windows (the Linux version of 7zFM exists, but it definitely lacks the stability, which  the Windows version has).

4) It's good to remember, that Midnight Commander can also be used as a powerful archive manager. It can easily open many uncompressed (ar, cpio, tar) and compressed (gz, bz2, xz, 7z, zip, rar) archives. Additionally, Midnight Commander can handle popular Linux packages (deb and rpm), ISO images and Java JAR files.

5) Basically, most of general-purpose file archivers are able to open ISO images. Nevertheless, by default, 4MLinux uses ISO Master, which is widely considered to be one of the best applications for creating and editing ISO images.

Have fun :-)