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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Media players in 4MLinux.

This post describes the features, which are available in 4MLinux 14.0 and later.

1) There are five general-purpose media players available out of the box: MPlayer with GNOME MPlayer (a front-end for MPlayer), mpv with Baka MPlayer (a front-end for mpv), and SMPlayer (which can act as a front-end for both MPlayer and mpv).

2) You can easily change your default media player anytime:

3) Audacious and VLC are not available out of the box. You can install them from the Extensions menu:

Audacious can be installed in the exact same way as VLC.

4) Let's make some tests now:

5) It is recommended (for MPlayer and VLC) or even required (for mpv and its front-ends) to enable dedicated display drivers:

Have fun :-)