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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Development packages

4MLinux 9.0 (and later) supports a fully automatic installation of the set of development packages needed to compile the Linux kernel and other software written in C and C++. This is one of so called "downloadable extensions" (i.e. optional software in 4MLinux, which is installed in the /opt directory by default).

1) Select Development from the Extensions menu:

2) 4MLinux will download and install development packages for you:

3) You can open the /opt directory to find out what has been installed:

4) Now you have enough to build the Linux kernel, all the programs that are included in the basic version of 4MLinux, and Wine. It is also possible to install the "vanilla" version of Clang with  LLVM just in one click:

5) If you are going to compile programs written in Qt, you should download Qt Online Installer:

After installing Qt, don't forget to copy its executables, libraries, and headers. For example:
cp -fr /usr/lib/qt/5.3/gcc/bin /usr
cp -fr /usr/lib/qt/5.3/gcc/lib /usr
cp -fr /usr/lib/qt/5.3/gcc/include /usr